her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president! (deardieary) wrote,
her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president!


Woot! I met Joseph Gordon-Levitt last week at a showing of his latest film Uncertainty. He seemed so shy when I asked him if I could get a picture. I know it's bad, but I think I stole him away from the current group of people that was talking to him. In my mind, I saved him from bad conversation and awkward moments. One guy asked him what it was like to go from Ten Things I Hate About You to this. His reply was, "I don't know, how does it feel." It just seemed so awkward because he's done a lot of things since Ten Things. That movie was ten years ago. Me and my sis told him he was great and shook his hand. This was the first time in a long time that I felt excited about meeting someone. I had the shaky legs as we made our way out of the theater. Our awesome friend Johanna took the picture for us on her camera. Thank god, because I did not have mine.
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