her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president! (deardieary) wrote,
her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president!

Long story short.

Happy Gregorian New Year!

I have eaten sooo much food during the month of December. In the past, I've always managed to avoid the holiday overeating trap.

My downfall started at work when toward the beginning of the month, there were always cookies on top of the water cooler. Then someone gave my sister a box of chocolates for the holidays and she ended up giving them to me to bring to work because she would not be able to eat the entire box on her own. Not to shabby. For the break between Christmas and New Years weekend, I've been north in Toronto. My 12 days of Christmas, where I've eaten what I wanted and didn't worry to much about it. Now I can see the weight gain on my face ever so slightly. P doesn't see it, but he doesn't look into the mirror with the critical eye that I do. To get myself back into the rhythm of things, I've been jumping rope for an average of half and hour every day. My goal is to get in a full hour every day and then 10,000 jumps a day. When I get back to New York, it'll be back to the weight training. I've noticed that I've always seen the best results from exercise when I was lifting weights and really building muscle. Lately, I've gotten used to the weight I can lift and it's not much of a challenge. A month ago, I bought heavier dumbbells, so hopefully I'll be seeing results again.

In another attempt to control my over snacking/bad eating, I'm going to try and cook/prepare meals for the week on the weekend.

My plan is to:
-shop at the supermarkets/fruit and veg stand in my parents' neighborhood where things are cheaper
-spend the whole day cooking or preparing meals

This will help me to have everything portioned out and ready to go whether it's prepped ingredients so that I can throw everything into a pan when I get home or have something premade to microwave at work so that I won't crave a hot meal on a cold day that leads me to buying expensive, unhealthy food. If I'm going to eat unhealthy stuff, it might as well be cost effective. =P But no, I kid, at least I'll know just how bad it'll be and can take that into account for my other meals. Another bonus of cooking in my parents' kitchen is that they have a bigger kitchen and they have stuff like eggs and flour that I never buy. This will also allow me to use the food containers I have stocked away.

Other than that:
P and I got engaged on Halloween night '08.
I went to Chicago in November and I'm itching to go back.
My maternal grandfather passed away in December. At the beginning of the year, 3 of my grandparents were alive. At the end of the year, 3 were deceased.

My current time occupiers are knitting and my DS Lite w/mini SD card reader full of games. Oh the games! I switch between Phoenix Wright: Justice for All and Nintendogs where I have a pug named Pistachio.
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