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her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president!

I remixed the remix and got the original song.

When I was back in high school, I heard that when girls got boyfriends they stopped hanging out with their friends. Always being the friend, I couldn't understand how it would happen. While I'm not sure if I've found out why, I do know that I don't hang out with my friends as often as I used to. Part of me likes to think that this is also do to having a job rather than being in school.

Over the last couple of years, I've realized that if I don't work or live with someone, then I pretty much see them only a handful of times in a year. The only exception to this is my guy who I see every time there is a holiday or a weekend when we haven't seen each other for over a month and the next holiday is a little too far away. Most of the friends I have in real life, I've lost touch with because they don't email or know my lj. It's not that I hate when my friends call me, but I just feel so awkward talking to them because I can't read their faces or body language when we are talking.

There are three people offline that have some sort of hanging out situation with me. Two are people I really don't want to hang out with anymore and one is someone I do want to hang out with.

With the two I don't want to see anymore, it seems weird to just say, "I really don't think that us hanging out will be a fun experience anymore." So instead, I act like a dick and agree to hang out and then bail when it gets to the day or never reply and hope that the day passes without the person contacting me to ask what's up. The one I never set a firm date with always had this way of over talking with this pseudo intellectual babble about anything and everything and I no longer have the energy to entertain this person with some sort of fake agreement to avoid an argument. The person I actually set up meetings with is still cool by me, but is somewhat of a womanizer and the comments made during our conversations make me a little uncomfortable and, at times, exasperated.

The one person I actually want to hang out with more has their own life. Part of me feels weird to ask to hang out since previous attempts just kept on getting put off again and again. Ha ha, I'm probably like the two people I don't want to see for this person. There are opportunities to see this one more often, but it usually means being part of a larger group where I would be uncomfortable by the others there.

So all of this leads to one solution. I crawl into a cave where I knit and sell on ebay for the winter and come out when the season has changed. The bonus to this is that I would get to avoid all of the election stuff that has been making me more exhausted each day. I registered to vote, but my voter registration card hasn't come in yet and I'm afraid that I'll be screwed out of my chance.
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