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It's a girl! B is leaving on Tuesday and the new hire is some Asian chick. I heard that she wasn't even the favorite candidate, but she was the only one that wanted the job. Plus she's not very talky, which can't be a good thing considering how much interaction she is going to have with clients and vendors. Part of me wonders how long she will last.

Earlier this morning, my sewing machine semi-broke. The model I have now is the ol' Singer IZEK machine that is controlled using an old color Gameboy. The Gameboy died meaning that I can't use the software on the cartridge that contains information like stitch length and width, patterns and buttons holes. The only thing my machine can do is sew a normal, straight line at a length that is a touch longer than what I normally use when I sew. So, a few hours ago, I bought a new sewing machine. After clicking around, I went with the Juki HZL-35Z. Unlike my last machine, it has a zipper foot included in the deal. I just couldn't bring myself to buy one before because it seems like something that should come with every machine. I am a huge dork because I'm really excited that it has extra front feed dogs. Hopefully, I'll still be able to use my old machine for leather work. Now all I need is a better sewing space. =P

Since I bought the machine, I figured I might as well get other stuff I need. Which meant buying a few pairs of jeans and stuff at Sephora. I'm really picky about the color of jeans that I wear. It has to be very dark or I just feel weird about them. I don't like what I call, "Midwestern/Suburban Light Blue." It's just not for me. I currently have one nice pair that I pretty much wear every day. So I bought more just in case it gets messed up.

Earlier tonight, friends and I went to a comedy club to see Joel McHale from The Soup perform. It was a funny night and the opening guys were good too. I remember the last time I went to a comedy club, I could feel it dragging a bit. After the show we got to meet and hug Joel. He is super tall and totally nice.
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I only wear dark wash jeans, too! The light washes are unflattering and they don't look good on anyone. You either look like a Mom or a farmer or both.

I am so jealous you got to see, meet, and hug Joel McHale. Do not wash your clothes you hugged him in.
The light washes make mine and everyone else's ass and thighs look overly huge. If it's a natural waist it also makes the belly look huge. The only thing that I hate more than light washes are the jeans that have those faded lines/area put on them.

Joel had on the softest shirt ever. The line was actually for people who wanted to take pictures with him, but we all just wanted to meet him and faked it with camera phones. I'm annoyed with myself that I forgot to bring my real camera. That would have been a sweet picture, but at least I got to interact with him.
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