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her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president!

Fumbling for change we can believe in.


My latest finished knitting project. (pic courtesy of my guy.)

This was fairly straight forward except for the numerous color changes. The changes on the sleeves were more challenging because all of my little balls of yarn were getting tangled up. I was able to give the sweater to the bf last weekend when I showed up for the Columbus/Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I tried the sweater on before bringing it over. It got stuck over my head and it hurt when I pulled it over my face and off my head. For some reason, I tried stretching it out by hand and hoped that it would magically fix itself during the plane ride. The upsetting moment of it not fitting over his head came and even though I knew it wasn't going to fit, I still got upset. For a quick fix that didn't involve me bringing it back home to reknit the neck, I asked him if he had any chopsticks I could use. The neck was unbounded and the last row taken out to make sure I had enough yarn to bind off very loosely. After slowly working my way around knitting with the chopsticks, I finished and handed the sweater back to him. He let it sit on the bridge of his nose, freaking me out in the process, before comfortably pulling it over his face. My heart swelled. =D

The next big project is a bamboo sweater for the sis. After I make the chart for the image she wants on her sweater, it will be toiling away time.
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