her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president! (deardieary) wrote,
her lord majesty, the elevendy twelfth president!

Music at work.

Ever since my first day at work, I was told about this game everyone plays called "Radio Wars." Basically, when a song comes on the radio the first person to name the artist gets a point. If you get it wrong, you lose two points. This discourages guessing and makes you really have to know what you're saying before you shout something out.

Sometimes one of my coworkers brings in his XM radio for us to listen to when we go stir crazy from listening to the various rock stations at work. Radio commercials make we want to bang my head into a wall sometimes. With the XM radio, the display shows the artist for each song. This means that JD who doesn't know a lot about american music and rock, cheats and yells out what he reads. A song by The Clash came on once and he yells out, "Clash." I then said to him, "oh yeah? Name another Clash song." B murmurs something to him and then turns to me and says, "Tits and Hats." B and N burst out laughing. I chuckle. JD is super confused. After B leaves the room, JD asks N why we were all laughing. N tells him that "B said, 'Tits and Ass,' but you said, 'Tits and Hats.'"

Tits and Hats indeed.

Tomorrow I am having my belated 3 month review at work.
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