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When I was a kid, school trips were the best thing ever. They were somewhat educational, but rarely boring. Over the years, I have been to museums, farming recreation villages, plays, musical performances, etc. The one trip that has clearly stayed in my mind over the years was a trip to the Wonder Bread factory.

The trip definitely took place when I was in elementary school. We first went to a boardroom to have a lecture about how bread was made there. Before going on the factory tour, all the kids had to put on hair nets. There were huge dumpster-like containers filled with bread dough everywhere. I remember a guy going from vat to vat punching down the dough that had already risen. Other stuff I remember was a floor scale that they used to weigh the vats and all the kids were allowed to walk over it to see how much we weighed. They made my cousin stand on it alone to she what she weighed. We were in the same class and she was known for being super skinny. When we went to the see the super industrial slicing machine, they gave each child a slice of bread fresh off the line. I remember being amazed at how the crust was still crusty and not soft like how it is when you pull it out of the bag. After the tour, we all went back to the boardroom where each kid had to say what their favorite part of the tour was and then they would get a Wonder Bread pencil. I told the lady, my favorite part was the huge machine that mixed the dough.

I think that pencil is still sitting in a cup somewhere in my parents' house.
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